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The next move for the spreadsheet is to have an independent tl engine which is separate from the GUI. That way, we can have output to a gtkmm window or a webpage or whatever else we can imagine. The engine should be in the form of a library, and I’ll call it tllibbrowser.



We need TIME, without it, it does not make any sense to modify and manipulate equations.

14 OCtober 2010

New direction?

We are contemplating the idea of changing direction because we need a Web based application. The candidates are adapting php and java script to understand multidimensionallity. It is a lot of work, like starting over but with more experience.


My SuperSpreadSheet is advancing quite well. It can now communicate with the TransLucid engine and evaluate expressions according to a context!

We are now looking at more TransLucid features and we are flying!


I’m in the stage of refactoring the code and John has established communication with the tl library.

Preview Screenshot

Screenshot of the S³

This is the first, no the second attempt to produce the front end of SuperSpreadSheet S³. The first attempt was done in gtk++, the C interface. The second one is produced in gtkmm, with C++ given that TransLucid is now developed in C++.