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Too many ssh authentication failures

Edit August 6, 2016

The solution I gave back in August 1, 2016 does not work. That rule will simply not offer any keys.

I found this post which refers to the pitfalls of ssh-agent, and it decribes that it is a problem having too many keys. It depends on the setting of the server to allow a specific number of keys offered before refusing access.

There is also a ssh argument force using a specific key.

Original post

In  my previous post Managing multiple ssh keys, I describe how to set up different ssh keys to different server and have the ssh command automatically discover which key to user for which (user, server) combination.

However, when I had a new server, if the key was not in the ~/.ssh/config file (se previous post), I would experience the follow:

ssh username@server
Received disconnect from server_ip port 22:2: Too many authentication failures
Connection to server closed by remote host.
Connection to server closed.

Looking around there were many explanations:

  1. That there is a limit on the number of keys offered to the server (true)
  2. That I ( could check what is happening by adding the -v flag to the ssh command (true)
  3. That I should add the line IdentitiesOnly yes to every definition in the ~/.ssh/config file (true but not enough)

I still had the problem.

The final solution was to add the line IdentitiesOnly yes to the /etc/ssh/ssh_config under Host *.

The enlightenment came from this post.






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