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Git: looking for old versions of files

In the past two days I have been doing massive changes to my app along with some clean up. In the clean up however, I have changed chunks of code which I needed to refer to while creating other features.

A quick way to check for the version of the file from, say, the beginning of the year using git is:

git show HEAD@{2015-01-01}:./paht/to/file/file.rb

This was taken from Stack overflow. There is another solution using gitk taken from the same link:

1) start gitk with:

gitk /path/to/file

2) Choose the revision in the top part of the window either by description or by date. By default, the lower part of the screen shows the diff for that revision, (corresponding to the “patch” radio button).

3) To see the file for the selected revision:

Click on the “tree” radio button. This will show the root of the file tree at that revision.
Navigate down to your file.


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