Super Spread Sheet S³

Or little computing tricks and hacks

Samba and Lubuntu

Following the set up described in this post, I set out to do the same in the EeePcs with Lubuntu running on them.

Installing samba alone is not enough to turn the Scans folder into a Share folder. According to Ubuntu forum question, other software has to be installed. The full list of the packages is:

* samba
* system-config-samba
* gvfs-bin
* gvfs-backends

I used sudo apt-get install package-name

As opposed to what is said in the previous post, Samba has to be called from the Menu -> System Tools -> Samba. This will ask for the root password, and open up the Samba Server Configuration. The Scans folder should exists already. Click on the + to add the folder. This will open up a window with with two tabs. The “Basic” tab has fields to fill in and the values I entered are:

  • Directory: /home/username/Scans
  • Share name: Scans
  • Description: Remote scanning

Also I clicked on both Writable and Visible:


In second tab “Access”, I clicked “Allow access to everybody”.


After pressing OK, I also had to manually change the permission of the Scan directory to all read and write:
chmod 777 Scans

After that the directory is ready to be added in the printer’s web page, as described here.


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