Super Spread Sheet S³

Or little computing tricks and hacks

Rewriting history

It is said that

those who do not remember their history are condemned to repeat it.

Well that is what happened me. My phone is very picky about the direction is which is needs to be held to catch the right angle of a film. So, more than once I was face with having to transpose the video. And more than once I used the search engines to find the answer. And had even written a post, which I could not remember.

This is why I could not remember. I did not write what did not work. Here it is:

The first search gave me this as an alternative, found here
avconv -i input.mp4 -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -vf "transpose=1" output.mp4

This command was taking forever, bloating the file, and making my computer over heat. I did not look for the reasons, as just about now, I started remembering that I had found a way…

The second try found here was
ffmpeg -i -vf "transpose=1"
Yes, we are getting closer, I remember ffmeg. So I replace .mov by mp4 and launched. This time the computer was not reheating was it was taking a long time. The file was growing slower than before. Still.

Then I remember to look in previous posts and bingo. The magic command originally from here:
ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -preset medium -crf 24 -threads 0 -vf transpose=1 -acodec copy output-file.mkv.
Ran in a split of a second and the resulting file one fifth of the original.

Note on 24 August 2014

Last time when I tried to run ffmpeg in Ubuntu 4.14, noticed with a surprise, that ffmpeg is no longer installed in the system. After some research, in the Ubuntu forums one of the solutions given is to download the Linux build from here, extract and execute, no installation.

As an added bonus I was able to convert into the same format, not possible with the drivers I had before.

That worked for me. I did not find any standard installed way of doing it.


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