Super Spread Sheet S³

Or little computing tricks and hacks

New firmware: Android 4.3

And just as you thought that Android and Samsung were making a great team, you get the new firmware update where everything seems upside down. Yes, the fonts look better, is faster with some features, but others are hidden never to be seen by a normal user.

I had notice messages in the lock screen, a message stating how to unlock (swipe your pattern) and an alert with “If found please contact me here”. But these were making the unlocking somewhat unresponsive, so I wanted to get rid of them completely. Good luck!

One particular feature was disabled in the current “home screen mode”, which I had always used: the simple “easy mode” . To have access to the “Lock screen widgets” where I can manage some of these messages, I had to use the “standard mode” which is overloaded in my opinion. OK, so after a lot of browsing (check here for more information), I solved one issue. The next issue was a rolling message in that same lock screen. The problem is that I can’t remember how I set it up… I have not found access to that feature yet.


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