Super Spread Sheet S³

Or little computing tricks and hacks

LibreOffice window resizing

My daughters eeePC is still running an old version of eeebuntu. I know I should update to something lighter and newer, but I haven’t.

She came in panic, telling me that all she had in front of her was terminal. When I asked how she got it, she said that she pressed ctrl F4.

That action takes you to one of the predefined ttys as described in Except that an answer there states that

… CTRL+ALT+F1 though F6 brings you to one of 6 predefined ttys.

except that for my daughter’s version of Linux CTRL+ALT+F1 is the gnome space.

She got to that state when she wanted to resize he LibreOffice window which was fullscreen without any controls. After looking everywhere for shortcuts to resize windows to no avail, the answer was found in

  1. Close all libreoffice files.
  2. Go to home folder ~/.libreoffice/3/user
  3. Rename registrymodifications.xcu
  4. Delete registrymodifications.xcu
  5. Restart libreoffice file that was opening un-minizeable.

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