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HP heating up

Our computers were bought less than a year ago, they are HP EliteBook 8460p. So two laptops, same model bought at the same time, running the same OS (ubuntu 12.10).

All of a sudden, JP’s computer decided to shut itself off if it deemed the operating temperature is too high. But I am puzzled as I can’t find exactly where the problem lies.

  • Could it simply be that the fan stop doing its job?
  • Trying to find the answer in the internet searches¸ leads me to some dead ends.

  • Some are suggesting that the BIOS settings are wrong, but I don’t know how to find out what is right.
  • Others say that the answer will be in the system logs, but sometimes the computer shuts down without even leaving a message. Other times, there is a complain about the temperature of one or more of the cores.
  • I should install one of the temperature monitors, but a graphical monitor is useless for me, as that is not my computer.
  • I need to find the file where the temperature is kept and check the threshold. Is the value reasonable?
  • Temperature information is found in my linux system in

    /sys/bus/acpi/devices/LNXTHERM:xx where xx is the number corresponding to the cpu number.

  • And this directory seems to have the trip points:
  • This is a better idea of how to check the limits of JP’s computer and check if they are reasonable. That is, if they are the same as in mine.

  • Another lead was found here, on how to interpret the weird names of some of the temperature tags, and why some old computers heat up (the heat sink has deteriorated).

Right now I don’t have an answer. Still looking. Any suggestions?


2 responses to “HP heating up

  1. Blanca Mancilla March 27, 2013 at 04:29

    He is now exploring with a newly bought MacBook Proc and I will too with open source on it!

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