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eog oversized

I have the following problem: when viewing pictures with eog (eye of gnome), the window size always exceeds the screen size, whether I’m using the laptop screen or the attached monitor.

Looking for solutions in the internet, I found that it is a reported bug. They don’t offer any fixes, rather a temporary hack: “a quick and dirty workaround is to use the CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm) to enable the Window Rules Plugin, then add “name-eog” in the maximized dialogue.” So under the “Window Manager” category, click on window rules to enter the options. The box also had to be clicked.

categories of ccsm

categories of ccsm

Window Rules Plug-in

Window Rules Plug-in

I thought that this had an influence in the terminals (somehow) when I ctrl’ed + or – to change the font size, the window does not change its size and as far as I’m concern, this is a new undesired behaviour. Of course it doesn’t, so looking for a solution for that.


One response to “eog oversized

  1. Blanca Mancilla January 22, 2015 at 15:56

    This must have been a bug fix as I don’t have the problem any longer and I did nothing to fix it.

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